Kyiv friendly's Odessa weekend tour plan


We gather on Friday 15th to spend lovely weekend in Kyiv friendly's favorite city (after Kyiv itself, of course) - Odessa.
Don't hesitate to join us! Wether you travel on your own or with family - welcome on board!

Here is our plan in Odessa

1. Take a bike tour around downtown
2. Make a wish at the Duke monument
3. Take a photo of a house with one wall
4. Check out the monument of an orange and get to know the story why oranges saved Odessa
5. Shop in Odessa markets
6. Breath sea on the Potemkin steps
7. Get sun tan in a lovely terrace overlooking Opera House
8. Sip Odessa wines in Bernardazzi restaurant
9. Try out local bars
10. Admire port of Odessa

We depart on Friday July 15st from Kiev railway station. Night train will take us to Odessa in the early morning. Breakfast, check-in and start exploring the city!
We offer 3 choices of accommodation, from hostel to boutique hotel - all in the heart of the city and reasonably priced!
There are options of 2 and 3 days in the city.
We speak English!

For more information and reservations, contact us:

Kiev friendly



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