10 expat's must-dos in Kyiv


You've been living in Ukraine for several months or years and have visited pretty much all major sights and have done all main activities, have tried national food, maybe even prepared borsch yourself.

Kyiv Friendly picked 10 places and activities you have probably missed by now. Go for it!

1. St Nicolas Organ Hall

Gothic masterpiece dated 1909 welcomes for organ concerts. Ticket cost ranges from 50 to 160 uah.

You can order tickets online or buy it in cashier close by the Cathedral.

Concerts schedule

2. Pinchuk Art Center

Contemporary Art Museum located in the very heart of the city - Arena Entertainment Center. Exhibitions change couple times a year. We definately suggest current one which lasts April 17th. English speaking mediators are provided for free.


3. Mafia game

Party game wide-spread in former USS republics. Guess who is mafia and use your power of persuasion.

There are couple clubs in Kyiv that offer this game in English. Locals, travellers, expats play together using word attacks, charisma and intelligence. Those battles are fun and friendly.

4. Boulangerie 'Yaroslava' - ukrainian 'Cinnabon'

There's a place in Kyiv where you can taste fresh and warm dough baked with cinnabon widely spread inside for only 30 cents a piece. That boulangerie has been there for ages. Too bad it's closed on Sundays.

13 Yaroslav Val str. 

5. Museum of aviation 

Exposition with 70 aircrafts of different types just next to Zhylyany airport. MIG fighters, SU bombers, passenger planes of Antonov, heaviest transport helicopter MI-26, Anti-submarine seaplanes BE-6 and BE-12. Men can spend here hours.


6. Kiev fortress museum

Built by the order of Russian Tsar Peter I and being one of the largest European fortifications it has never been used. Swedish, Turkish and French wars never reached Kyiv. In the 20th century buildings lost its military importance and continued to be used as barracks, storage and incarceration facilities. "Skew Caponier" became a prison for political inmates, such as brother of Lenin and Dmitriy Bagrov who killed Russian Prime minister in Kyiv Opera House. Todays Caponier is open as a museum.


Private tour in English is available for booking.

7. Motherland Statue observation deck

Up 92 meters high with 360 degrees observation of Kyiv. To do that enter World War II Museum located in stainless Motherland Statue in the Victory Park. Pick a clear not windy day and wear comfortable clothes as climbing up might be a bit tricky.

Available during our tour.

8. Gapchinska gallery

The most successful ukrainian artist is popular for childish, lovely, charming, dreamy, kind, sweet and tender works. I bet you saw her cute pictures on notebooks, magnets etc. Gapchinska gallery is located near Maidan and open for visitors.

9. Microminiatures Museum

Ukraine is generous on talanted people. One of them is Mykola Syadristy. Agronomist from Zakarpattya whose hobby was micro world. You'll be amazed by artist's masterpieces: gold shoes flee, rose inside a hair, portraits in fruit seeds and others.

Available as a part of Lavra tour.

10. Mezhyhirya residence

Estate valued from 75$M to 2$Bn built by Ukraine's ex president Mr Yanukovich is now opened as a museum... of corruption. 350 acres territory, 1200 sq m house, SPA, golf courses, helipad, retro cars collection, Spanish galleon on the water for private parties and many more created for a pleasure of one on tax payers money.

Private tour in English is available for booking.



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