10 must dos in Kyiv while Eurovision 2017


Ukraine is known to be one of the most hospitable nations and we are excited about hosting Eurovision in 2017!

Here is a simple list of exciting experiences you have in Kyiv during your stay!


1. Drink like a local in speak easy bars

If you feel like partying with local crowd, check some speak easy bars in the city center. Be prepared to wait for your drink for at least 15 minutes. Bartenders dont just pour drinks here, they prepare each cocktail as a masterpiece.

  • Loggerhead (Shevchenko blvd, 2, password - Loggerhead). Signature drink - Red Hot Chilly Pepper
  • Paravoz (Kyiv cinema, turn left and walk down the stairs)
  • Alchemist (Shota Rustaveli, str. 12). Live music on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and DJ after midnight.

  • Don't miss Kyiv’s best parties, our guide will take you to the best parties on a nightlife tour!



2. Try out Ukrainian national cuisine

Absolute must tries are red beat soup borsch, pork fat appetizer salo and vareniki with cherries.

The best places to experience local food:

  • Opanas (Shevchenko park)
  • Spotykach (Volodimirska street 16, 2 minutes walking from near St Sophia and St Michael square)

All Kyiv friendly guests get free shot of home made nalivka in restaurants mentioned above!

3. Bird’s eye view

Due to Ukraine’s communist past we have some fine examples of Soviet architecture. An 102 m stainless steell statue greets everyone on the way from the airport. On a clear day you can admire Kyiv from the top of the monument.

Get to the Museum of WWII, walk to the Statue of Motherland (big lady with a shield and sword) and ask the attendant to get you to the top.



4. See the smallest book in the world

When in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, dont miss the tiny museum of one big man who dared to put rose in a hair, shoed a flea and published a book less then a millimeter size. Museum is closed on Tuesdays!




5. Take a zip line ride above the Dnipro river

For those who like a bit of adrenaline we suggest you to go straight to huge metal rainbow near European square and enjoy 20 sec ride to Truhanov island. Great views and a bit of adrenaline are guaranteed.



6. Ukrainian wine tasting

A good thing about traveling to Ukraine is a chance to try its local wines. Discover a great selection of local wines on a tasting with our sommelier. More information here



7. Kyiv street art

Kyiv was named world’s street art Mecca in 2016. No doubt about that, when in 2 years more then 200 walls were painted. To be sure you won’t miss works of Guido van Helten, Fintan Meggy and others - book 2 hour street art tour with an English speaking guide.



8. Play chess in Shevchenko park

No matter the weather you will always find a bunch of old men playing chess in the corner of Shevchenko park. Feel like a local having a game in the shade of our most beautiful city park.



9. Museum of corruption

Be amazed of how far corruption can go. Visit the House that was built using government taxes by Ukrainian ex-president. During the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 he sneaked out of the country to Russia and never came back. The 350 acre territory with gardens, Spa, laboratory, restaurant on the water, parking lot with retro car collection is now open for visitors. Kyiv friendly tours provides exclusive tour with access inside the House and transportation for your comfort and fun. Check this up: http://kievfriendly.com/mezhyhirya-tour



10. Enjoy your beer

Ukrainians love beer and tend to spend their Friday evenings at the local brewery. Kyiv friendly's choice:

  • Solomyanska brewery (Solomyanska st.,2b)
  • Syndicate beer and grill (Omelyanovicha-Pavlenka st. 4/6) Enjoy fresh brewed beer with Ukrainian steak!
  • PR bar (Sagaidachnogo 6) Try out VARVAR milk stout

Beer tastings and brewery tours are available here.



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We make people fall in love with Ukraine!


Regards, Sviatoslava Maksymchuk

CEO Kyiv friendly tours



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