TOP 5 sophisticated bars by Kyiv Friendly



Giving night life tours, not 'teenage bar crawls' for the last 6 months, we indicated five hottest mature bars in Kyiv.

1. Pink Freud
19 Nizhniy Val st.
Artistic location with cozy courtyard and witty home style lights hanging. Original bar menu where classics combines with author's cocktails. Extra busy on Fridays and Saturdays, best time to visit is after 1 AM when bartender is all yours for philosophy talks. Recently - hookah option. Dogs friendly.
Must try - asia sour.

2. Alchemist
12 Shota Rustaveli
Bar with two faces. Crowded and loud scene and the secret door escape to cozy and quiet live piano bar. Nice music, easy going crowd, bartenders ready to mix special drink for сapriciuos. Pre-party location before long night dancing in Touch cafe, why not?

3. Parovoz Speak easy
'Kiev' cinema
This bar in cinema's underground has been there for ages. It reopened last year to meet old friends who had grown up here and probably had their first cocktails in that red wall catacombs (I bet locals remember it). The winner of the Kyiv bar contest in 2015.

4. Bottega
13 Tereshenkovskaya
Tapas bar next to Shevchenko park. Our Thursday night choice due to Jazz records playing. Swing sounds, wine served by bottle make atmosphere friendly and frank.

5. Hitchcook
Gulliver mall, 7th floor
Hidden from a tourist eye bar with a touch of 30ies, Americal depression, Hitchcok movies. Here gents in ties drink Old fashioned and ladies sip Cosmopolitan.


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