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Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the most grandiose and significant European necropolises. It was founded in 1786 and since then only the outstanding, well-known and wealthy people have been buried there — culture, art and science figures as well the political and administrative elite of the capital of the Kingdom of Halychyna (Galicia) and Lodomeria.


At the beginning of the 16th century the territory used to be taken for a cemetery of the unfortune. Today it is a museum and a burial-vault covering the area over 42 hectares. The museum contains sculptures and architectural buildings by the most well-known artists and sculptors: Hartman Witwer, the Schimser brothers, Paul Eutelle, G.Perrie, Yu. Markovskyy, I.Levynskyy, H.Kuznevych, S. Lytvynenko. Ye. Dzyndra and others. Such prominent figures of the Ukrainian culture as Markiyan Shashkevych, Volodymyr Barvinskyy, Ivan Franko, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ivan Krypyakevych, Stanislav Lyudkevych, Volodymyr Ivasyuk, Anatoliy Kos-Anatolskyy, Ihor Bilozir, and others found their eternal rest place among the ancient trees and greenery. You can also find the burial vaults of some outstanding Polish figures, such as Artur Grottger, Maria Konopnicka, Gabriela Zapolska, Stepan Banach, Ludwig Rydyger, Karol Mikula, Seweryn Goszczynski.

The Lychakiv Cemetery museum area includes the following eleven documented burial vaults: Ukrainian Halychan Army soldiers’ memorial, Polish war burial vaults dating back to 1918-1919,the Glory Mound’ Memorial (the Soviet Army soldiers), Polish burials of November rebellion (1831-1832), Polish burials of January rebellion (1863-1864), Sichovi Striltsi burials (field 82), «Lychakiv Military Cemetery» Memorial (the so-called «Mars Field», of the Soviet Army soldiers and the NKVD), burial monuments of the NKVD victims from Zamarstyniv prison (the so-called «Mars Field»), burial monuments of the NKVD victims from Lontskyi prison, burial vaults of children and adults — victims of the NKVD in the field 40 (three common graves), burial vaults of the NKVD victims in the field 76 (common grave). Other possible burial places of the Sichovi Striltsi, the NKVD victims and the victims of the totalitarian regimes repressions are being investigated.

Restorations and tidying out of the prominent culture and science figures’ burial monuments are constantly conducted at the territory of the museum. The area is trimmed to the European standards. Since 1991 the museum has been supervised by the Museum Academic Council and since 2001 the Scientific Department has been operating here.




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The oldest cemetery in Europe

Visit one of the most grandiose and significant European necropolises.

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