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In its short time as a nation, Ukrainians have had to fight hard for their independence and democracy. You will see all the places of National revolution.


In its short time as a nation, Ukrainians have had to fight hard for their independence and democracy. Ukrainians made the European choice most recently in 2014 by standing up against the pro-Russian central government that was in power at the time and supporting the Euromaidan (translation from Ukrainian: European square) protests in central Kyiv, showing unbelievable courage and bravery. During the tour, you will see the places where the snipers shot the protestors, pictures of how Maidan looked just two years ago and listen to stories from the revolution — from its villains (including unbelievable stories of corruption and abuse of power) to true modern day heroes, including the «Heavenly Hundred» group of activists who gave their lives on the street in defense of their beliefs...




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What you'll do

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Maydan Revolution spots

Visit spots where Revolution took place: Independence Square, Administration of a president, Parliament, Grushevskogo street.

Witnesses' stories

Find out any information you are interested in as for Euromaidan from the witness.

Revolution pictures

See the pictures of those days.


What people say about this tour.

This tour company was selected for us by our company (we were on a business trip and wanted to see Kiev)
We had three tours — each lasting all day — with Kiev Friendly Tours. There were 3-5 people in our group each day. Had our own driver in a comfortable van, very comfortable company.
The owner of the company speaks perfect English AND is a native of Kiev — huge pluses.
And she obviously understands how to give an excellent tour — well picked sights, in depth knowledge of the history and context of each sit, able to adapt to any pace (we wanted more time at some locations than others and she didn’t freak out or force us to stick to her schedule). The first day we went to Maidan square and she related the whole story — so timely! She was actually in Kiev at the time of events — so even more compelling to hear about it. Also excellent visit to Chernobyl museum — and she had a separate EXTREMELY knowledgable guide waiting for us there — SO GREAT! She picked really cool restaurants (Kanapa, Spotykach) and sites. HIGHEST RATING for tours — this company has it all worked out.

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Steve (San Francisco, USA)


(San Francisco, USA)

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